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Signature Nails & Beauty by Rina specialises in providing luxury nail treatments at great prices for our clients. With a team of trained and qualified nail technicians working in the salon, we ensure a relaxing, professional, and friendly service on all of our nail treatments.
Whether you’re looking for a full set of acrylics or simply want a French manicure to freshen up your look, we have a range of nail services to suit all tastes, styles, and budgets.
As well as traditional manicures, our team of nail experts offer creative nail extensions, colourful manicures, and nail art to compliment your unique style.

Signature Nails & Beauty by Rina

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Offering a Range of Luxury Nail Treatments

Acrylic/Polygel Extensions, Overlays & Refills
Acrylic/Polygel Removal
Acrylic/Polygel French/Ombre, Colour Change & Nail Art
Acrylic Toe Nails
Gel Extensions, Overlays & Refills
Gel Removal
Gel Fixing
Gel Colour Change, Ombre & Nail Art
Gel Polish Structuring & Strengthening
Gel Polish Application & Removal
Gel Polish Art
Gel Polish Toes
Full Manicure
Mini Manicure
Men’s Manicure
Little Finger Paint (ages 2-6)
Toe Paint

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Nails FAQ

What is the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails?

The main difference between gel nail extensions and acrylic nail extensions is the product that is used on the nail. Gel is a more flexible and soft product while acrylic is extremely tough and hard. Both can be used to create longer and stronger nails.

I’m looking for a nail salon near me- where are you based?

Signature Nails & Beauty by Rina is a Letterkenny nail salon based in the heart of the town.

Do you provide package deals?

We offer package deals on some products. Get in touch with us today to discuss our pricing on nail packages.

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